Curriculum Explanation

What is a PACE
The ACE curriculum is an individualized curriculum. Children work through the subjects at their own pace (link to: which subjects are taught). The teaching material comes to the students through PACEs. A PACE (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) is a booklet with teaching material and its processing. Each subject has its own PACE. Each PACE must be completed before the next booklet is issued. Each subject consists of 12 PACEs per level. Students complete between 60 and 72 PACEs per year, depending on the student's capacity. In addition to the academic content, the PACEs also integrate ninety character traits of the Lord Jesus. Each PACE focuses on a different character trait. This is mentioned and defined at the beginning of a PACE, where the Scripture reference to this character trait is also mentioned and memorized. Through comics, poems and activities, the student is encouraged to follow the example of the Lord Jesus. There are several measurement moments in a PACE. Through the activities in a PACE, by evaluating the learned material by making and quizzing Checkups, as well as taking the Self-Test, we have a good image of whether a student has mastered the course material. In this way, so-called 'mastery learning' is guaranteed. Only when a student has mastered the course material, after passing the Test, can he or she proceed to the next PACE.

The subject Dutch
In addition, the subject of Dutch is taught at primary school age through Taal (Language) and Spelling PACEs. During the period of secondary education, Dutch learning methods are used at the level in which the student will take the state examination. The student receives the necessary guidance and topics to be discussed in class are given in an Afternoon Class. In the period in which students are working towards their certificate, in addition to the core subjects, they also choose electives, or there is the option to choose a profile (Bias) for the Advanced Certificate.

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